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Founded 1982 in Los Angeles the Movie maker StarRyder started in 2018 a television station. From its three production sites StarRyder.tv air you an attractive program

via DTT or cable-network

and Intelsat 14 on 45°W (Europe – Africa) more...

In Manhattan we run every night our dedicated program from 11:30 p.m. until 3 a.m. on UHF 31 and channel 11.2 on cable-TV more...

In greater Los Angeles we are every night on channel 35.2 and 5.2 on DTT and cable-TV more...

On the Seychelles we are in the DTT system

every night on RV TV more...

When you turn to StarRyder you will get

+ top auctionsfashion brands – fine arts

+ music showsopen mike from Arizona – nightlife from Mahé

+ great travel offersfull service travel for less

+ game shows... talk shows ….


Around 30 years ago StarRyder sold the first movie package to an airline. It was the beginning on a new business field. StarRyder developed together with several IT companies hardware and software solutions for all kind of aircraft. In coordination with international producers we sold attractive IFE packages to many Asian airlines. Nowadays we offer over 300 programs on server systems. More...

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StarRyder Television Ltd.

East Coast Road, Pointe Au Sel, Mahé, The Seychelles

general-manager STEVEN BEXBACH

team [at] starRyder.tv

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