Hey, my name is RUBEN BROADY. I am responsible for all the staff, but I believe this job is good for a communication prof. The duty is not easy, but I am happy about our great crew. I don't like video conferences I prefer personal contacts to my queer staff. Here in Miami every day is like a holiday. The majority of the crew is living in Florida. You can't say we have an easy life, because Qualification is important for every job here. There are no free jobs now, but when you think you are right for our staff just send your hot pic to me. - yours Ruben Broady
N.B. I prefer this outfit not only at home


Maybe you have the idea to take part in one of our casting shows. I say welcome, because I am not only the general-manager I am also the casting director. The reason is simple. I want to see what we get. I check normally every application and handle it to the producers. When the producer say »no« you can contact me for a second chance. - First of all you send an email where you tell me more about you and sending around two good pics of you. I give them to the producer. He is the one who calls you. Some made an interview in person, other prefer a phone call (or video call). Well, hope to have you on board in one of our shows. - yours , Daniel Ryder CEO