ANTHONEY talk and more

This guy on the left is ANTHONEY Lamos. He lives in a tiny house in Miami. He is single and he has many friends, who visit him daily.

Miami is most of the time very warm, so Anthoney do not wear any clothes at home. With is friends he is singing, playing silly games or talk about the world.

We will join the boys every week and they react like no camera is watching them.

Anyway Anthoney is his own producer. If you like to join the show just contact him.

His best friend ROXAS

Some people think it is easier for girls to make some quick money, but our five guys hardly work on the fact not going to work every day. Ramsey want to have a good sugar daddy or husband – not only in the TV-series, he want him for real.

This show is very open so we say it is only for people 16+

Soundman and cameraman