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EXPLORER perfect travel for less

Together with our partners we offer you great flights from the U.S. to Europe with modern aircraft's great entertainment and a perfect dinner. Special prices including airport pickup in our brand new Western Hollywood Hotels. Great trips on fresh improved cruise ships. Special gay cruises. First class flights within Europe and to Asia for a low price.

We also have specials in the show. A special means there is something not in the package, an adventure trip maybe or only soft drinks on a sea cruise, but anything else is like the normal fare, but you save 50% or 70% of the regular price. It‘s amazing, don‘t miss it. - Please note: We show you the deal on TV but you make the contract with the travel company what is named in the show. - Anyway let us know when you have a great trip, we work hard for good deals.

KIAN LAMAR shows travel for younger people

in case of the trip is canceled or you getting ill your money will full returned within 48 hours

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