...gregorian songs from Manila


Enjoy young and fresh singers who love gregorian music. - It is still a hard work until the chorus is perfect. For us it is nice to hear the boys still love the music work.

Planing TV-schedules is not an easy job. There are so many things to do and where often good ideas are stoped because of the money. - Many peole came with interessting conceptions but we had no chance to work it out - many things are to expensive. But one day a monk offers us a weekly catholic mess from a tiny town near Manila. - Well, we thought on so many things, but we never had a baptist service for starRyder.tv in mind. Around two weeks later the monk offered us just a tape.

The baptist service with a boys chorus with gregorian songs is just perfect. Even for people who are not roman catholic. It is just a very special feeling and I am sure a lot of viewers will become fans. - And´re Patrice

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