...BUTLER he said



the former producer was also a handsome stripper

When the show started in 1998 the Romeo Cleaners (who had a nude cleaning service) serving drinks and food to the guests. The producer had the great idea to put the waiter behind a big sofa from where he served chips and drinks. Well, the sofa covered the most but not all good parts away. Soon the show became popular on several cable-TV-networks.

above: the production team today

left: Calder Hillson - he loves to be naked

In spring 2019 producer Bruce Hamilton planed a weekly talk show in our new studio in Nomad, Manhattan. After he watched a copy of the good old »Romeo Talk show« Bruce was happy. His friend Calder Hillson took over the butler part. - In former times the »Romeo Talk show« was open to public. »It is a tiny studio and we don't want here any problems, but maybe we do some public shows soon«, the producer said.


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The Romeo Talkshow StarRyder TV # 310 West 52th street, 10019 New York

  • producer Bruce Hamilton

  • butler Calder Hillson

  • technical master Adam Kildary

  • headhunter Dafu Efren Ming

fan [at]starRyder.tv