When you look back about 50 years gentleman hairdresser had a easy job. Shaving, hair washing and a simple haircut was all what barber shops offers.

We joined EDWARD MARTIN who had a brand new barber shop close to the Lynden Pinding Inter'l airport (Nassau) every week. John will show us all about he barber job and he he will give you tips for clipping hair by yourself and get a sexy face.

After a short time the ratings of the show broke down, there was no highlight. So we had the idea to stop the show after 20 episodes.

As we shoot episode 18 we had a guest in the Barbershop, a well know comedian and slam poetry writer. He got a haircut and during the work he did a little stand up comedy for us. This was the birth of the new BARBERSHOP. Haircut and shaving is still in the show, but the main part is slam poetry or stand up comedy. The comedians have no script. it is just free form and great fun.

EDWARD is not only a good hair clipper and a perfect makeup artist – he is also top in shaving your pubic hair. =;(

Happy clipping