This is a show for guys or diverse

EROTIC GAME SHOW - made at the Seychelles

send a mail with body pic

pavel [at]

The handsome guy on the left is CHARLES MARTIN. When you join the EROTIC GAME SHOW you show the audience not only your great personality. If you are not shy and like to win 2,000 € you are welcome. Just send producer PAVEL a mail: pavel [at] - We produce the Erotic Game Show now every weekend on Mahé Island. You will get a free flight drinks, meals but everything else is a surprise.

You have...

- TIME (from Friday to Sunday)


- A face pic and a body pic. You should not wear to much. No shorts, just a tiny tanga or less

- You don't have to be queer, but you should like games with other guys

- we do everything to make your stay safe – so please follow the rules

pavel [at]