The more adult travel show

THE TRIP – for adult viewers

Three friends like to do crazy things together. They made adventure boattrips, made a gay porn casting and many other crazy things. Now BEN, NEIL and RORY are on a very special round-trip. They want to visit no-go aeras for gays. The simple question is: It is realy danger to go there when you are an open gay.

There are many places in the world who called a »no go« aera for gay men. But the three want to find out the truth. Two other tv-stations sayed no – to much danger. We say we do not pay you anything for the report we just air it. In the first episode they are looking for gay bars in Alexandria. - Yes,in the 1980‘s Alexandra had great gay bars.

The report is a kind of »sensation tv«, so we like to say to every viewer – please forget any ideas to find it out by yourself. There are many places who are very risky for gay man. Simply exchangeing kisses with a guy can you slip in a prison or other bad things.

A new report every week.

we think this is a program for people over 18