...BUTLER he said



the former producer was also a good stripper

When the show started in 1998 the Romeo Cleaners did the the service job serving drinks and food to the guests. But the Romeos where happy nude cleaner. The producer had the great idea to put the waiter behind a big sofa from where he served chips and drinks. Well, the sofa did not covered the most but not all good parts away. Soon the show became popular on several cable-tv-networks. Producer Marcus de Scully made over 150 shows. The first name was »Romeo Talk« later they changed the name into »Queer Talk«

above: the production team today

left: Calder Hillson - he loves to be naked

In late spring StarRder.tv and producer Bruce Hamilton planed a weekly talkshow made our new studio in Nomad, Manhattan. After he watched a copy of the good old »Romeo Talkshow« Bruce wanted a re-animation. His friend Calder Hillson took over the butler part. - In former times the »Romeo Talkshow« was open to public. »It is a tiny studio and we don't want here any problems, but maybe we do some public shows soon«, the producer said.


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The Romeo Talkshow StarRyder TV # 310 West 52th street, 10019 New York

  • producer Bruce Hamilton

  • butler Calder Hillson

  • technical master Adam Kildary

  • headhunter Dafu Efren Ming

fan [at]starRyder.tv